Seminars and Conferences

Seminars & Conferences

What services does Peculiar People Management (PPM) offer?

PPM provides a wide range of services including executive training, staff training, speaking engagements, corporate branded initiatives (such as the MTN Football Scholar program), and product development solutions. Our offerings are designed to assist leaders in making significant and lasting improvements within their organizations by overcoming challenges related to location, culture, and interpersonal skills.

Where are PPM's offices located?

Peculiar People Management has offices in Lagos (Ikoyi), Nigeria, and Maryland, USA. These locations enable us to serve a diverse clientele and extend our leadership training and development programs both locally and internationally.

What is the mission of Peculiar People Management?

Our mission at PPM is to bring the best minds in business and leadership from around the world to educate, train, and empower businesses and individuals in developing countries. We aim to foster the growth of world-class leaders in the private and public sectors, with a particular focus on Africa and especially Nigeria. Through our tailored solutions, we strive to transform organizations into high-performance entities.

PPM has brought some of the best minds in business and leadership from around the world to educate, train and empower businesses and individuals in Africa, with over 2000 executives in Nigeria participating in PPM’s executive and leadership programs over the last three years. PPM focuses on the development of world class leaders in the private and public sectors primarily in Nigeria and in West Africa.

We organize business and industry round tables that provide opportunities for corporate executives and senior management to learn from the insights and experiences of other business leaders, network with other industry experts and knowledge leaders as well as discuss business scenarios specific to their companies.

Our seminars and conferences are designed to address various needs of our clients’ organizations. The seminars and conferences are used by some organizations as a training opportunity for their employees. They are also attended by private citizens who want to broaden their knowledge base.


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