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PPM is all about creating the perfect identity – or brand – for your event. We believe that creativity is more than just having a new idea or great logo design, it’s about having the perfect idea. This kind of creativity is the result of a commitment to a creative process that is focused on developing an intimate understanding of its subject. The value of true creativity is that it effectively and accurately communicates the message you hope to convey with your event.

What we do

PPM will understand who you are and the event you’re planning which will help reflect your perfect corporate identity for your event. Throughout the process collaboration is key. You’ll find that we are agile, flexible, responsive

PPM understands that the first step in branding an event is to understand the client’s goals and the key message to be communicated during the event.

Branding enhances the value of the investment while reinforcing the message and increasing the return on investment.

Steps to branding an Event

PPM will assist the client to:

Branding Checklist

In a Business To Business, Public Sector setting, or otherwise:


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